20 Aug 2014

Bicycle Safety Tips

Within the crowded streets of New York City, you will find thousands of pedestrians on foot and thousands more riding their bikes. However, with a combination of so many transportation types intermingling with these walkers and bikers, accidents end up happening.

There are many reasons that these accidents can happen and there are several ways to avoid getting injured because of riding a bike in a crowded city.

According to a recent study, 677 cyclists died in motor vehicle accidents and there was a 9% increase in cyclist deaths between 2010 and 2011. So, what can you do to avoid ending up on the losing end of a bike-vehicle crash? Follow these tips:Bicycle Accidents | New York Attorneys | Weiser & Associates

  • Always follow traffic regulations
  • Use bike lanes
  • Use the proper hand signals
  • Watch for parked car doors opening
  • Ride with traffic
  • Ring a bell to alert pedestrians to your presence
  • Wear a helmet and sunglasses
  • Outfit your bike with reflectors and lights
  • Stay alert and don’t listen to headphones

To view an infographic that details all of the tips about bicycle safety, please click here.

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