14 Sep 2016

Child Passenger Safety Week

Happy family getting ready for road trip on a sunny dayAt Weiser & Associates our New York car accident lawyers have seen just how devastating these wrecks can be to everyone involved. This is particularly true for child passengers, who have done nothing wrong but still have to deal with the pain and suffering that comes as a result of these accidents.

That’s why we’re happy to observe National Child Passenger Safety Week, which runs this year from September 18-24. This special week is designed to help parents do everything they can to protect their children in the car.

This includes tips for proper seatbelt usage and car seat installation. These seemingly simple things are incredibly important, and they can confuse even the most dedicated parents.

And, of course, the same steps you take when driving by yourself should also be taken when you have a passenger in your car. Don’t text and drive. Keep your eyes and attention on the road at all times. Observe all traffic laws and drive defensively.

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