18 Nov 2014

GM Recall Turned Into Class-Action Lawsuit

shutterstock_147745049_zps1005b86e_0Coupled with the massive General Motors (GM) recalls mounting to include over 27 million vehicles, a class-action lawsuit is being put together that could seek over $10 billion.

This class-action suit is not just seeking compensation for those injured or killed due to a recalled GM vehicle, but also for the loss of value in GM vehicles. The lawsuit states that it believes all GM vehicles manufactured between July of 2009 and July of 2014 have lost their resale value because of a loss of trust in the brand.

This suit will seek damages for any GM vehicles still owned or leased and also for those GM vehicles that were sold after the recalls began in February of 2014.

Damages will be sought for the following categories:

  • Injuries or wrongful death caused by recalled vehicles
  • Loss of resale monetary value in GM vehicles
  • Lack of resale ability

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