15 Jul 2016

Harley-Davidson Recalls 66,421 Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson has issued a recall for over 60,000 motorcycles due to an issue with the front brake line. This recall affects Touring models and CVO Touring models from 2014. Out of those models, the recall is for bikes that have anti-lock brakes that were made between July 1st of 2013 and May 7th.

In these models, the front brake line can get pinched in-between the motorcycle frame and the fuel tank. This pinch can cause a sudden loss of brake fluid pressure which can cause the front tire to lock up without warning. If this occurs while a person is riding their motorcycle, the lock would likely throw them from the motorcycle.

There have already been at least five accidents and two people suffered minor injuries due to the faulty brake lines.

To avoid further injuries, Harley-Davidson requests that owners of these bikes take them into dealers where the brake lines will be replaced and secured to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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