30 Oct 2015

I’ve Been Victimized by Police Misconduct – Now What?

Becoming a victim of police misconduct can be a horrifying and traumatic experience. Misconduct occurs in many ways, including false arrest, false confessions and police brutality.

If you have experienced one of these forms of misconduct, knowing some of the following information can help you protect your rights and later aid in any possible civil suit.

  • Take pictures. The best way to prove to a jury that brutality occurred is to have photographic or video evidence. Taking pictures of injuries suffered or of damaged property will help strengthen your case. Also reach out to possible witnesses to see if there is any third-party cell phone footage of the incident.
  • Write down everything. Since the burden of proof is on you, it’s up to you to provide details. Keep an accurate written account of everything that happened from the very beginning of the incident. Details like the officer’s name and badge number can help identify the involved officer and make a stronger case in general.
  • Contact Weiser and Associates. Because there are so many forms of misconduct, and because the lines of these offenses can become so blurry, contact our experienced attorneys to identify the severity of the conduct and what type of legal action can be taken.

If you, or someone you know in the New York City area, have been a victim of police misconduct, call Weiser and Associates at (212) 213-3111 to schedule a consultation. We will navigate you through this unfortunate and potentially dangerous situation and help you move well past it.