18 May 2016

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Summer

Motorcycles are fun, fast, and efficient, but motorcycle accidents happen all too often in the summer months leaving property damaged and bikers injured or dead.

While an accident may not be your fault, as a motorcyclist you are incredibly vulnerable on the road, so it is important to drive defensively at all times.

Here are some tips to help keep you safe on the roadways this summer:

  • Increase following distance – Drivers can brake suddenly for a number of reasons, whether there is a hazard in the road or a driver simply isn’t paying attention to the traffic ahead. Increasing your following distance can help you avoid potentially fatal accidents caused by hitting the back of breaking vehicle.
  • Be aware of other drivers – Distracted driving is an increasingly common problem with so many people using their cellphones while they drive. If there is a driver that is not paying attention or following too close, be aware and try to avoid them when possible. Being aware of others on the road allows you to put your safety into your own hands.
  • Avoid hazardous and wet roadways – Pothole ridden roadways, construction zones, railroads, and uneven grooves can cause single bike accidents. If you are not very experienced on a motorcycle then it is best to stick to roads that you are comfortable on. Likewise, wet conditions can cause motorcycles to slide and present visual obstacles. Plan your trip accordingly to avoid driving during wet conditions.

Unfortunately, even the safest motorcyclists will still have accidents, especially when other drivers are careless on the road.

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