08 Feb 2020

Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles


Some of the most serious accidents on the roadways involve pedestrians. They have no protection against a large vehicle coming at them even 25 mph, much less those traveling at higher speeds. Injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents are often severe, permanent and fatal.

The team at Weiser & Associates are dedicated to helping victims of pedestrian/car crashes to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Medical care is often extensive and costly in these claims, and we want to ensure you have the funds necessary to get the care you need.

Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes May Be Deadly

When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the results can be fatal. Even if the person doesn’t die immediately because of life-threatening injuries, those they sustain may lead to death in the next few hours or days. A person may have a traumatic brain injury or damage to internal organs from the severity of the impact. They may suffer paralysis from a broken neck or spinal cord injury.

Drivers are often distracted by their cell phones, a conversation with a passenger or even adjusting settings in the vehicle. It only takes a few seconds of losing their focus on the road for a person to walk out in front of the vehicle. If they don’t see the person soon enough, they can’t put on the brakes quickly to prevent impact.

Because these injuries are severe, they often require extensive medical care. Multiple surgeries may be necessary and long-term rehabilitation through therapy and medication is often required. For those who won’t fully recover, they must adjust their lives to accommodate their limitations. They may need home care or modifications to the person’s home for their disability.

Amputation is another result of pedestrian accidents. It’s costly to replace the missing limb with a prosthetic, and the person may still be limited in their abilities. Many times, a victim misses months of work or may be unable to return to their employment. Yet, they have more bills to pay than before with the medical costs.

Why Pedestrian Accidents Occur

An accident where a vehicle hits a pedestrian can happen in just a few minutes. It may be caused by a distracted driver or one who doesn’t yield to the pedestrian. These accidents commonly happen in crosswalks and at intersections. They may speed through a yellow or red light and not see the person. These kind of accidents also happen in parking lots or because drunk drivers didn’t see the person.

Sometimes, the pedestrian was partly at fault because they didn’t pay attention to lights or other vehicles. However, they may still be able to bring a claim against the driver of the vehicle if they too were partly at fault.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a pedestrian in a car accident, you may be entitled to recover money for your medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Contact Weiser & Associates 888-254-4697 or [email protected] for a free evaluation of your case. We will fight to ensure justice is served on your behalf.