06 Jan 2015

Trinity Guardrail Defects Can Cause Fatalities

istock_491381_zps524365da_0_0There is an on-going investigation into the construction of Trinity guardrails which were installed nationwide after receiving approval by the Federal Highway Administration. Though these guardrails received approval, it is believed that a change was made to the final design without making the Federal Highway Administration aware of it. This change on the ET-Plus model of these guardrails included the narrowing of the channel behind the head of the guardrails.

With the guardrail heads smaller than they’re supposed to be, it can cause the guardrails to malfunction. Rather than allowing the vehicle to glide along the guardrail, the guardrails can skewer the oncoming vehicle. This is believed to have caused multiple severe injuries and possibly deaths since the installation of these guardrails.

Trinity has been found guilty of defrauding the government for keeping these design changes a secret. In addition to that, the Highway Administration is calling for new testing of the guardrails to determine if they are safe or not.

So far, New York is among the 20+ states that have banned the use of Trinity ET-Plus guard rails and there have been a couple of states that have moved to remove all Trinity guardrails from their roadways.

If you believe you or a family member has suffered severe injuries or wrongful death due to a defective guard rail, please contact Weiser & Associates. Our New York defective product attorneys can help you get compensation for your suffering. Please contact us today or call us at (212) 213-3111