28 Jun 2016

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

new-york-personal-injury-lawyerThe world is a dangerous place, even if you’re just going about your regular business in your own home or neighborhood. Accidents happen, injuries take place, and injustices can be imposed on you. If these situations happen to you, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process of making a legal claim against the person or entity that wronged you and to make sure your rights are protected.

Some of the most common personal injury claims we handle at Weiser & Associates in New York include:

  • Bicycle and motor vehicle accidents, including trucks, cars, or motorcycles
  • Medical malpractice including surgical mistakes, failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis, prescription errors, and delay of treatment
  • Construction site accidents for injuries sustained as a result of falling from high places, electrocution, falling objects, defective equipment and more
  • Denial of disability benefits
  • Legal malpractice such as not filing a notice or document in time, legal malpractice takes many forms
  • Negligent security for public businesses
  • Nursing home abuse, including physical and sexual abuse as well as financial and medical abuse
  • Police brutality including individual misconduct or departments covering up abuse or negligence
  • Product liability
  • Slip and fall accidents that occur on business or personal property that is not kept in safe conditions
  • Wrongful death

If you have experienced any of the preceding types of accidents, injuries, or injustices, protect your rights by calling our experienced personal injury lawyers at Weiser & Associates today at (212) 213-3111 or by using the online form on this page to schedule your consultation. We serve clients from all five boroughs of New York City.