12 Feb 2016

What To Do If You’re Hit by a Police Car

Our New York accident attorney understands that the prospect of being involved in an automobile accident is worrisome enough; the idea of having an accident with a police car, whether your fault or the policeman’s, is daunting. After all, they’re the people you call when you have an accident any other time and, as authority figures, they can seem intimidating.

Keep in mind, however, that an accident involving a police car is still an automobile accident. Many of the same steps you would take for a non-police car accident still apply. There are simply a few things you should know for when such a thing happens:

  • Obviously, you won’t need to call the police, which is usually the first order of business in an accident.
  • The second step will be to make sure you get treated for any injuries, just as you would normally. This is important not only to make sure you’re treated, but so any injuries are also documented.
  • Third, you should call a lawyer. Since police usually don’t carry automobile insurance the way regular drivers do (governments usually insure a fleet of cars, not individuals), the process for making a claim differs.
  • Your next step should be to call your own insurance provider and notify them of the accident, whether you or the officer is at fault. Your provider will usually proceed as normal if the accident is your fault; if the officer is at fault, your provider will more than likely leave you to collect damages through your lawyer.
  • The last steps are determined by your provider and lawyer on whether you will settle the case or take it to court. This is why having an experienced auto accident lawyer is so important.

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