Bicycle Accidents

The NYC Bicyclist: A Battle for Survival

New York City’s roads are inundated with trucks, taxicabs and passenger vehicles, and utility company equipment. Despite this chaotic atmosphere, the City has seen fit to grant bicyclists rights by dedicating lanes of traffic for their exclusive use. The new bicycle rental program, sponsored by Citibank, should help to put a significant amount of bicycles on Manhattan roadways despite the present issue of traffic congestion. NYC drivers are not used to yielding a piece of the roadway to a bicyclist, or for that matter, showing any common courtesy to the bicyclist.

We at Weiser & Associates, L.L.P., have over the years handled numerous serious injuries occuring from accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles. It is our opinion that with the increased use of Manhattan roadways by bicyclists, personal injuries from these types of accidents will increase in the future. Motorists have responsibilities to yield the right of way to bicyclists in a number of circumstances.

We urge you to wear a helmet and protective clothing. If you are injured by a motor vehicle while operating a bicycle, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries.

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