Medical Malpractice

At Weiser & Associates, our medical malpractice attorneys are dedicated to protecting residents of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and surrounding areas from the negligent actions of medical professionals. For more than 30 years we have been helping malpractice victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Read on to learn about medical malpractice and how the injury attorneys of Weiser & Associates can help ensure victims of negligence are properly compensated for their losses.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice concerns negligence or errors made by health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, hospital or nursing home personnel, or other care providers. Malpractice occurs whenever a medical professional causes an injury by failing to act as a medical professional of ordinary skill would have, or by acting in a way that a medical professional of ordinary skill would not have.

Some examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Surgical mistakes
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of a medical condition
  • Birth injuries
  • Prescription errors
  • Delay of treatment resulting in aggravation of condition
  • Failure to obtain patient’s informed consent prior to treatment

Weiser’s personal injury lawyers recently handled a medical malpractice case against a doctor who failed to properly treat a patient with a palpable mass in her breast. After initially seeing the patient, the doctor failed to order the proper testing and was, therefore, unaware that the mass was malignant. The cancer eventually spread to the woman’s lymph nodes and reduced her chance of long-term survival. Our medical malpractice attorneys presented evidence of the doctor’s negligence and obtained a $1,000,000 award for the woman.

You can read more about this case as well as others our medical malpractice attorneys have handled throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx, by visiting the Weiser and Associates Verdicts and Settlements page.

Proving a Medical Malpractice Claim

A person who is injured by medical malpractice generally must prove four things:

Duty: The injured consumer must prove that the caregiver owed a duty to provide reasonable care. For example, a doctor who treats you owes you this duty.Breach: The injured consumer must also prove that the caregiver’s acts or omissions breached or violated the caregiver’s legal duty to provide reasonable care to the patient. Causation: An injured consumer must prove that the caregiver’s breach of the duty to provide reasonable care – or negligence – caused his or her injury or damage. Damage: And, finally, injured consumers must prove that they were damaged or injured by a caregiver’s negligence.

If you believe that you or someone you love may have been harmed by the negligence of a medical professional, our personal injury attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident and determine your right to compensation. Contact our medical malpractice attorneys today if you live in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or surrounding area and would like to arrange a consultation for a free evaluation of your case.

Contact Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys

If you would like to find out whether you or someone you love may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit, contact the Law Office of Weiser & Associates today. Our medical malpractice attorneys are committed to providing victims of negligence throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx with aggressive representation.

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