Truck Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks and 18-wheelers can cause extensive damages and injuries. The added weight of the truck and cargo makes it more difficult to stop quickly. The momentum can lead to major accidents with an increased risk for fatalities.

Truck companies often have an entire legal team to protect them from liability in truck accidents. You don’t want to go up against these professionals alone. It’s best to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to fight against truck companies to protect your rights.

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

It can be complicated to determine who is at fault in a truck accident. The driver may be found negligent and the cause of the incident. They might be responsible for the damages and injuries that occurred because of their driving. This can happen in several ways. The driver may have followed too closely or cut off another vehicle when they switched lanes.

With large trucks, a collision often sets off a chain reaction with multiple vehicles. The driver of the truck may be held liable for the injuries and damages of all the vehicles and occupants.

The transport company may also be found responsible. These companies are often liable for the negligence of their drivers while working. Often lawsuits are filed against the transport company along with the driver. It may depend on whether the driver is employed by the company or an independent contractor that the company hired.

The manufacturer of the vehicle may also be found liable if the accident was caused by defective parts. If defective parts were found as the cause of the collision, the manufacturer may be required to pay all damages. Having defective parts doesn’t mean that the parts were worn or not maintained correctly. In those situations, the transport company might be responsible.

Sometimes the truck doesn’t directly cause the accident. It may be cargo that fell from the back of the truck into the roadway that caused an accident. If the owner of the item can be traced, the driver of that truck or the transport company could be held liable.

Bad road conditions and weather often lead to more traffic accidents. The situation can be even more perilous for truck drivers. They must slow their speed and drive more cautiously. If an accident happens because of weather, the jury will need to decide if the driver acted responsibly or if they were negligent in their driving for the situation.

Fighting against a truck driver, transport company and their legal team can seem like a major challenge. However, an experienced attorney who has dealt with trucking companies before knows what needs to be done to prove your claim. They will gather evidence to support your case and fight to see that justice is served.

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