Public Transportation Accidents

Public transportation is an important service for those who can’t or don’t want to drive. In New York City, it’s the primary way to get from one place to another for thousands of people every day. Public transportation accidents occur frequently, which isn’t surprising given the number of buses, taxes and other transport services in use.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident involving a mode of public transportation, you may need to speak with an attorney. They can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The Safety of Public Transport

Statistics show that while accidents with public transportation vehicles do happen, they are generally safer than riding in a passenger vehicle. The drivers are trained and usually experienced in dealing with heavy traffic and meeting timelines on their stops.

Even though public transportation is deemed to be relatively safe, accidents still occur. It may not even be the driver’s fault, but many of these collisions are serious. When a collision happens, it can result in serious injury and multiple vehicles involved.

Common Incidents with Public Transportation

Because public transportation drivers deal with a lot of passengers, tight deadlines and heavy traffic, accidents can occur. A mechanical error can cause the vehicle to malfunction. For instance, the doors of a bus or subway may shut on a passenger or the commuter train may derail. Other accidents include:

  • Knocking down a pedestrian
  • Riders slip and fall while using transportation
  • Person is hit by an arriving or departing train
  • Person is hit by a city bus
  • Bus or taxi hits a vehicle when making a turn

Since these vehicles operate in heavy traffic, it’s common for multiple vehicles to become involved. It sets off a chain reaction for the vehicles behind the public transport, causing numerous injuries. Also, when a bus or subway train are part of an accident, several passengers or all may suffer some type of injury.

These accidents can be caused by the weather, road conditions, malfunctioning equipment, poor road maintenance and tired or distracted drivers. Cases involving public transportation are often complicated and involve numerous parties and their insurance providers and legal teams.

Getting Compensated for Your Injuries

It can take some time to determine who is at fault in an accident involving a public transportation vehicle. The public transport company hires the best team to represent their interests and to fight for their rights. They aren’t concerned about you and will work to pay out the minimum. All the while, bills for medical care are adding up and you’re off work because of your injuries. You may even be unable to return to your job in the future because of a permanent disability caused by the accident.

If this is the case and you have been injured in a public transportation accident, you need an attorney on your side who will fight for your rights. Weiser & Associates will work hard to get you the maximum compensation to which you’re entitled. Contact us for a free consultation at 888-254-4697 or [email protected].