Nurse Liability

A nurse may be liable for injury to a patient if it was caused by negligence. They are responsible for providing appropriate medical treatment for those who are assigned to their care. This can be a complicated situation when trying to determine if the nurse was responsible or if another person on the medical team is liable.

If you or a loved one has been injured and you believe it occurred due to the negligence of a nurse, you may be eligible for compensation. You need to work with an experienced personal injury law firm who can help you determine nurse liability.

How Does Malpractice Occur for Nurses?

A nurse can bring harm to a patient in a number of ways. They may administer an incorrect dosage or drug or not notify the doctor of possible medical complications or emergencies. Not every situation falls under the category of malpractice because patients can become sicker even with the best of care. It is up to the lawyer representing the patient to prove the incident happened because of neglect on the part of the nurse.

The duties of a nurse vary based on their level and even state laws. Malpractice suits depend on whether the nurse failed to fulfill their obligations to the patient. They most often occur in emergency situations and involve a failure to contact a doctor or other medical personnel for help when the patient is in dire need. The nurse must monitor the condition of the patient as long as they are in their care. They are required to report any issues or concerns for the patient.

Another way a nurse may be liable is if they cause injury to a patient when using equipment to treat or monitor a patient. For instance, it can happen if they burn the patient or knock something over onto the person. If they incorrectly administer medications, they may also be held responsible. This includes the wrong medication, the wrong dosage or giving the medication to the wrong patient.

Legal Responsibility

Since the nurse works under a doctor, hospital or clinic, it can be complicated to determine who is responsible for the nurse’s actions. In many cases, the hospital or clinic is the responsible party because the nurse is an employee and was fulfilling job duties when the incident happened. The attending doctor may be held responsible if they were present and had the ability to prevent the negligent act.

Medical malpractice is a complicated area, and even more so when a nurse is involved. It can be difficult to prove that an injury was the result of negligence and to show who is liable for what happened. It’s critical that a patient contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to get the legal help they need.

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