Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip trip and fall injury cases belong to the area of personal injury litigation known as premises liability. The term “premises liability” refers to the responsibility of property owners or operators to ensure the basic safety of persons on their property. At Weiser & Associates, our lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals who have been seriously injured due to the failure of property owners and operators to maintain safe premises. Feel free to contact a slip and fall injury lawyer at our firm if you live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or Manhattan and have been the victim of a slip and fall accident. Our attorneys can help determine whether those responsible are liable for damages.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Under premises liability law, property owners and operators must ensure their premises are safe for all persons who might be present. If, for any reason, a property is unsafe, a visible warning must be posted to indicate the dangerous condition. When inadequate property maintenance or failure to warn of dangerous conditions leads to a slip and fall injury, the victim may seek damages against the premises’ owner or operator or both.

Causes of Premises Liability Lawsuits

Common bases for premises liability lawsuits include:

Cracked and uneven sidewalks are also a major cause of trip and fall accidents. Sidewalks often become a dangerous tripping hazard due to several conditions. Soil may compact causing concrete slabs to sink or separate, leaving an uneven or dangerous ridge. Roots from trees may cause cracking or lifting of a sidewalk. Re-freezing water in the winter can penetrate cracks causing them to break into holes.

The law imposes certain duties and responsibilities on municipal governments, landlords, and store owners to maintain safe sidewalks, aisles, and walkways. If you are injured as a result of a trip or slip and fall, you should report the accident to police or security personnel, obtain the names and addresses of any witnesses, and consult with a slip and fall injury lawyer to determine whether you are entitled to a sum of money as damages for your injury. Bronx residents and those throughout the greater New York City area are welcome to contact our injury attorneys for legal advice regarding slip and fall injuries. Our attorneys can help victims determine whether legal action is in their best interest.

In a recent lawsuit, a slip and fall injury lawyer at our firm represented a client who slipped on the wet floor of a friend’s kitchen. The client was forced to undergo extensive medical treatment, including back surgery and physical therapy. Our attorney demonstrated the property owner’s negligence in the matter and obtained a $900,000 award for our client.

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