06 Feb 2020

Keep Your Home Safe for Guests

You plan fun events with friends or extended family in your home. You think about the food, the activities and the decorations, but do you consider the safety of your home? As a homeowner, you may be liable if a guest is injured on your property. Here are some tips to help you keep your home safe for your visitors, so you can enjoy them.

Watch for Pets and Pests

Your dog is lovable and part of the family. But will he accept your guests as part of the family, too? Make sure you know how your dog will react to company to ensure you don’t have a dog bite to deal with.

While you may think about safety with your dog, don’t forget about other pets. Cats can scratch, causing infection, especially in young children. Then, there are pests, like bees and wasps that can sting your guests. If they have an allergic reaction, the situation can get serious quickly.

Clear Out Clutter

Remove excess stuff from your home that could cause a guest to fall. This includes rugs and cables on the floor. Make sure steps and boards are secure and look for nails or screws sticking up that could cause injury.

Think of all the places where your guests will go and make sure they have a clear path. If your guests are bringing young children, you’ll need to think about outlets and other hazards.

Don’t Forget the Swimming Pool

If you’re having a swimming party, you’ll think about how to get it ready for guests. However, if the pool isn’t part of your party, you may forget all about it. An unattended pool can be a danger to young children, especially toddlers. Make sure it’s secured behind a locked gate if possible.

Even a swimming party can be dangerous if all the adults go inside for just a moment. Make sure you have at least one adult supervising the party at all times. The same is true if you have a trampoline. Kids can fall off the trampoline and break an arm in just a few minutes. Make sure the kids zip the opening and follow the instructions on the number of people jumping at one time.

Check Your Coverage

If it’s been a while since you looked at your home insurance, you might want to review it to ensure you have adequate coverage. Many times, a homeowner will get the minimum amount required, but it’s not always enough. Think about how costly medical treatments are for a serious injury. If you don’t carry enough coverage, you could end up paying out of pocket for expenses.

If you’ve added a swimming pool or trampoline or made other changes to your home, make sure your carrier knows. You want to ensure these items are included in your coverage if an accident should occur.

Take the time to make your home safe before you have guests over. You’ll spend more time having fun and enjoying their visit and less time worrying about what could happen.