13 Jul 2015

Drunk Driver Kills Womans Entire Family

Lucnie Bouaz-Ostane, a woman from Queens, lost her husband and two children after their car was struck in a drunk driving car accident on the Southern State Parkway on July 12. After their car was rear-ended by a drunk driver, Bouaz-Ostane exited the vehicle, dazed from the impact and as yet unaware of how severe the crash was.

As she turned back to open the door for her children, the car suddenly burst into flames. Several passerby tried to help her get the doors open, but they were either locked or jammed from the impact. Husband Ancio Ostane and her two children, ages 8 and 3, were unable to get out of the vehicle and were pronounced dead by emergency workers when they arrived on the scene.

This terrible tragedy shows the horrible consequences that can arise from driving drunk, and the incalculably high cost it can have on individuals. Because of one person’s careless choice, a woman’s whole family was taken from her. Our thoughts go out to Lucnie Bouaz-Ostane and her extended family.

As passerby worked to open the car doors, others took pictures of the other car as it sped away from the scene. This allowed police to track down the driver at his home. The driver was hit with criminal charges, and could easily be the recipient of a wrongful death lawsuit.

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