28 May 2014

New York Woman Hit By Buzzsaw

A Manhattan street was grazed by an oversized buzzsaw that fell from a construction site this morning. An onslaught of shrieks and horror rang out as pedestrians jumped and swung to be free from its wake. Unfortunately, a woman was struck by the buzzsaw in the leg.

Construction was being done to fix a water main on 48th Street where it meets Ninth Avenue when they lost control of the saw. The saw shot across the sidewalk for 100 feet before slicing into a tree and then the woman’s leg. She was taken to the hospital for treatment to her gash.

Whenever negligence is involved in an accident, you may be entitled to a settlement. If you’re involved in a slip and fall accident, you can take steps to remedy your pain and suffering through a lawsuit.

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  • Wet floor slip and fall accident
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  • Construction site accidents or negligence
  • Falls on public sidewalks
  • Assault from employees or customers at a business

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