06 Jun 2014

Pediatrician That Conceals Childs Fatal Heart Condition Will Pay

A Florida pediatrician will pay $7.5 million for not making a child’s mother aware of the fact that her daughter had a fatal heart condition. After taking her child to the emergency room several months ago when her child had a seizure, they were referred to their pediatrician for follow-up.

After following up with the pediatrician, they were referred to a neurologist to monitor brain activity, but there was no mention of the heart condition that later was found to have been on the emergency room EKG report.

During the trial, the pediatrician claimed never being made aware of the EKG report, though the emergency room doctors said they had made the pediatrician aware.

The jury ruled in the mother’s favor for $7.5 million after her child died suddenly of a heart condition known as Long QT Syndrome.

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